Laskar Fiisabilillah Indonesia Conveys Position About Ahmadiyah Presence in Sukabumi

 Eka Lesmana

 12 hours ago

MEDIAJABAR.COM, SUKABUMI – The statement by the Chairman of the Forum for Religious Harmony (FKUB) of Sukabumi Regency, Daden Sukendar, regarding the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Congregation, which is considered controversial, has drawn attention from various groups. Previously, this statement was circulated on the Warta Ahmadiyah YouTube channel.

The general chairman of the Fiisabilillah Indonesia Warriors, Abi Kholil Asubki, gave the spotlight and criticism this time. According to him, what was conveyed by the head of the Sukabumi Regency FKUB was very dangerous because it would invite a reaction from Muslims.

He should have realized that Ahmadiyya had been banned in Indonesia with the issuance of a three-ministerial decree.

“For the dissolution process, it is clear according to Presidential Regulation number 1/PNPS/1965. This is done by first giving a warning. Where warnings have been carried out with the issuance of the SKB of 3 ministers, then all that remains is to bring it to the criminal realm for those who violate it and provide administrative sanctions by issuing a Presidential Decree to disband Ahmadiyah,” said the general chairman of Laskar Fiisabilillah Indonesia, Abi Kholil Asubki on Sunday (5/03/22) .

Abi Kholil continued, we recognize the Ahmadiyya congregation as children of the nation (not fellow Muslims) who must be embraced and invited to return to the straight path in accordance with true Islamic teachings.

“For this reason, we state the official stance of the Indonesian Fiisabilillah Warriors in addressing the Ahmadiyya:

1. Ahmadiyya is a deviant sect and departs from Islam because it does not recognize the Prophet Muhammad as the last prophet as explicitly stated in the Al-Quran, As-Sunnah and ijma’ ulama. Prohibition of Ahmadiyya beliefs and activities is completely up to the government or law enforcers and not our authority.

2. In expressing their rejection of the existence of Ahmadiyya congregational activities in their environment, the community is asked to prioritize peaceful and polite ways.

3. It is hoped that Muslims can study Islam comprehensively so that there are no mistakes and errors in religious interpretations.

4. The government is expected to have a firm and consistent attitude in addressing the existence of the Ahmadiyya sect in Indonesia, especially in the city and district of Sukabumi.” he said.


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