Indonesia. Ahmadiyah Tanah Laut Rejects Radicalism And Upholds Tolerance

Fun 4 Mar 2023


The CHAIRMAN of Ahmadiyya of Tanah Laut Regency rejects the spread of radicalism and continues to uphold inter-religious tolerance.

Moreover, Ahmadiyah has pledged allegiance, one of which is not to commit riots such as acts of terrorism.

This was conveyed during a gathering to prevent radicalism initiated by the South Kalimantan Regional Police, during a visit to one of the administrators and the Ahmadiyya congregation, in Pamalongan Village, Bajuin District, Friday (3/3/2023).

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Also present were representatives from the Security Intelligence Directorate (Dit Intelkam) of the South Kalimantan Police, Iptu Legiyo, who admitted that this visit was in the context of preventing radicalism.

“This is not only done in Ahmadiyah, but also in other religious organizations,” he said through a press release from the Directorate of Intelligence and Security of the South Kalimantan Police.

He also invited the cooperation of all levels of society, including the Ahmadiyya, to jointly prevent the spread of radicalism and uphold inter-religious tolerance.

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“This is of course to maintain security and public order in South Kalimantan Province so that it remains conducive,” he added.

Head of the Tanah Laut Regency Ministry of Religion Office H. Saifuddin revealed that all religions teach coolness and peace.

“Religion is taught to prevent conflict as well as hostility in society,” he said.

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The head of the Intelligence Unit for the Tanah Laut Police, Iptu Abdullah A. Niam, also said that the current situation for community security and order in Pemalongan Village is relatively conducive.

“We advise friends from Ahmadiyah to sit side by side with the community in order to maintain peace,” he added. (trackrecord)


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