Cases of Discrimination and Prohibition of Worship, PGI Values ​​Jokowi’s Statement Not Yet Effective


posted on  AuthorYana  Comments(0) – Jakarta. President Jokowi’s statement at the National Coordination Meeting of Regional Heads and Forkopimda last January 17 2023 turned out to not be effective in the field. This is evidenced by the continued prohibition of religious activity and the cessation of worship, both by the Regional Government and by certain community groups in several places recently.

“In PGI’s records, there are at least five incidents of discrimination and intolerance that occurred after the President’s statement,” said PGI Head of Public Relations Jeirry Sumampow in a written statement in Jakarta, Wednesday 8 February 2023.

1. Forkopimda Kab. Sintang, West Kalimantan, said Jeirry, on January 26 2023 issued an agreement requesting that the Sintang Regency Government issue a Regent’s Circular Letter to ban the activities of the Ahmadiyah congregation.

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“2. Forkopimda Kab. Sukabumi, West Java, on February 2, 2023 stated that they would stop construction and seal the Ahmadiyah mosque in Parakansalak,” continued Jeirry.

3. On the same day, continued Jeirry, 2 February 2023, there were many banners circulating against Ahmadiyah activities in several places in Kab. Gowa, South Sulawesi.

“4. Prohibition and dissolution of worship on 5 February 2023 at the GPdI Metland Congregation, Pasir Angin Village, Cileungsi, Bogor, by the local community.
5. Sunday, February 5 2023 local residents also banned the worship of the Filadelfia GKIN (Nusantara Evangelical Christian Church) congregation in Bandar Lampung, Lampung,” explained Jeirry.

According to Jeirry, the ban is generally carried out on the grounds that the house of worship does not yet have a building permit (IMB) and is on behalf of the majority community.

Related to some of these discriminatory and intolerance events, PGI then conveyed a number of things.

“Requesting the attention of President Ir. Joko Widodo for these cases. There needs to be stricter orders and concrete actions to take action against the perpetrators of intolerance so that cases like this don’t continue to happen and people are more law-abiding,” said Jeirry.

PGI also asked the Indonesian National Police to take firm action against parties who commit acts of intolerance to ensure the worship activities of every religious and belief community.

“Asking Regional Governments to be more obedient to the constitution than to the agreement of the parties which often even straddles the constitution according to the President’s directives,” he said.

PGI even encouraged the FKUB in each of these regions to immediately take the role of facilitating the process of obtaining an IMB so that houses of worship that do not yet have an IMB can immediately obtain permits. FKUB exists in the community to facilitate the establishment of houses of worship and ensure that everyone can worship in a house of worship according to their own religion for the sake of harmony and peace.

“PGI conveys solidarity and support to the Ahmadiyya congregation and church members who have experienced this discriminatory and intolerant treatment. PGI prays that as fellow nation’s children remain calm, patient, and take steps according to applicable law, while expecting protection from the state,” concluded Jeirry.


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