Germany’s Leopard Tanks Are a Game Changer with Significant Risks

Source: Spiegel

There are two iterations of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz these days. One is calm, almost diffident, the Scholz the country knows best. This iteration is the one most often seen on television or in the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament. A man who seems almost impervious to the political machinations going on around him. Like on Wednesday of this week: out of the car, into the Bundestag, out of the Bundestag and back into the car. Here and there a smile.Being the chancellor isn’t so tough after all.

The other Olaf Scholz, though, isn’t visible to the public eye. The second iteration, say staff members and other members of his center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD), shows up behind closed doors in smaller meetings and policy debates, on telephone calls and in confidential sessions. That Scholz is prone to the occasional outburst.


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  1. A huge debate erupted in German Society for this decision. Some call it historical U turn after seventy years.

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