“Café Religion” Interfaith Dialogue for a Peaceful Country


 Saturday, November 26 – 14:15:59

“Café Religion” Interfaith Dialogue for a Peaceful Country

The Inter-Religious Working Network (JAKATARUB) again held a Religious Café on Friday (11/25/2022). at Bandung Javanese Christian Church (ist)

BANDUNG , WWW. PASJABAR.COM – The Inter-Religious Working Network (JAKATARUB) is again holding a Religious Café on Friday (11/25/2022). at the Bandung
Javanese Christian Churchon Jl. Freedom City of Bandung .

Café Religion is also included in the Bandung Lautan Damai 2022 series of events, an activity where people are invited to have direct dialogue with speakers from different religions.

BaLaD 2022 coordinator, Fikri Gusti said that this activity was attended by 56 participants with a variety of different backgrounds so it was something fun.

“With this difference in background, the community not only gets knowledge but can also have discussions to share knowledge,” he said.

The participants who took part in this activity were divided into 8 groups where each group was directed to posts that had been filled in by resource persons with different religions.

The first post was filled by sources from Muslim minorities consisting of Shia and Ahmadiyya sects, the second post was filled by sources from Christianity.

The third post was filled by sources from Hinduism, the fourth post was filled by sources from Buddhism, the fifth post was filled by sources from Konghuchu Religion, the sixth post was filled by sources from Bahai Religion.

Then the seventh post was filled by sources from adherents of belief, and finally the eighth post was filled by sources not believers.

In this post participants can ask anything to the resource person regarding the post the participant visited.

“In this activity participants can share their experiences. Several participants also admitted that this activity was their first experience in direct dialogue with sources from different religions,” he said.

Participants admitted that direct dialogue is a means to be more open to different religions and can strengthen the values ​​of tolerance within themselves.

In addition, the participants also admitted that they did not feel nervous because the resource person could break the ice and could be invited to have a comfortable dialogue.

“In this Religious Café activity, it is hoped that the brotherhood between interfaith communities in Bandung and in Indonesia will continue and grow into a good collaboration to jointly create peace,” he said.

“Like the JAKATARUB principle that we believe that friendship is important to build dialogue, we used to make the slogan Interfaith dialogue begins with dialogue between friends. Hopefully these good practices can continue and can also be carried out in other cities. Greetings from Bandung for a more peaceful Indonesia ,” said Fikri.

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After the participants went around visiting the posts, the participants were asked to reflect on what they got from dialogue with sources from various religions and beliefs. As stated by one of the participants,

“It was very impressive, because at first I knew other religions from books, from other people so that I thought there was a heretical religion. But that was refuted after I came to Café Religion. But it also depends on how we view. Like I used to not believe in religion adherents of belief. I thought that religious beliefs were heretical, but I was wrong.”

Before the end of the event, resource persons from various religions and adherents of belief led the closing prayer for this activity. That way, the Religious Café can be implemented smoothly. (*/tiwi)

source https://pasjabar.com/2022/11/26/cafe-religi-dialog-lintas-iman-untuk-negeri-yang-damai/

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