Commemorating the late Abdul Basit, National Amir of the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Congregation

b yFaisal Husuna-October 09, 2022

By: Zuhairi Misrawi

NUlondalo.Online – I used to call him Mr. Amir. I think all members of the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Congregation (JAI) also call him, Pak Amir. His real name is Abdul Basit. He is known as the National Amir of the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Congregation. 

Mr. Amir passed away to the Divine Lord, Saturday, October 8, 2022 at 15.10 WIB at Sentosa Hospital, Bogor, West Java.  I received news directly from Kandali’s friend Achmad Lubis regarding the death of the number one person in JAI. Truly, I am deeply saddened as I pray that the deceased will be opened in his grave, and placed in heaven with pious people and God’s lovers.  

Personally, I have a special relationship with the late Pak Amir, ever since Gus Dur asked me to help and accompany JAI. At that time, in 2005, JAI was being treated discriminatively, always being the victim of violence, vandalism, and even murder. 

As a young Nahdlatul Ulama cadre who believes in Islam as a religion of mercy for the universe, I obeyed Gus Dur’s orders, so that I met the late Pak Amir. How I was amazed and amazed, because the deceased explained the dimensions of Islam in the Ahmadiyya style in a plenary manner. “Ahmadiyah has similarities with NU and other mass organizations, because the reference sources are the same, namely the Koran, Sunnah, and Islamic treasures,” said Pak Amir who was very fluent in chanting verses from the Koran, hadith and the yellow book.

In 2006, I invited Pak Amir and several JAI central administrators to visit the graves of Syaikhona Kholil Bangkalan and Hadratussyaikh Hasyim Asy’ari. “We also have a grave pilgrimage tradition, similar to NU,” said Pak Amir. In Tebuireng, we and our entourage were received by the late KH. Salahuddin Wahid. He told how in his youth he had many friends from Ahmadiyah, including having known Pak Amir since childhood. “In the past, NU and Ahmadiyah were mingling and friendly,” said the late KH. Salahuddin Wahid.

As an academic, I know Ahmadiyah from the figure of Pak Amir and several other preachers and Ahmadiyah friends. I also read most of the works of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, his successors, and listened to Pak Amir’s lectures in various forums organized by Ahmadiyah. 

From the figure of Mr. Amir, I learned the love for the Prophet Muhammad and his family, the scholars, as well as sincerity in practicing these noble teachings. Even though we all know that the Ahmadiyya are insulted, humiliated, and treated in a discriminatory manner, Pak Amir always teaches that we are all sincere in serving our religion, nation and humanity. Love for all, hatred for none. That is the principle that Ahmadiyah adheres to around the world.

The success and greatness of JAI that has been achieved today cannot be separated from the figure of Mr. Amir who leads JAI wisely. I am a witness, Pak Amir is God’s lover. A pious, simple, and sincere character. When President Jokowi was appointed as the Indonesian Ambassador to Tunisia, I often turned to Mr. Amir asking for advice and asking for prayers so that he could carry out the country’s duties well. I view Pak Amir’s figure as sincere, simple, and pious NU kiai. 

From Tunisia I send a prayer, may Mr. Amir open his grave and be placed in heaven. The late Mr. Amir will be an example in my life. That is, sincerely serve endlessly until the end of life. Lakal Fatihah, Mr. Amir.


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