TLP cleric calls supporter to carry attack on Ahmadi women

ByMirror Web

September 30, 2022

The International Human Rights Committee (IHRC) has taken notice of an incident where a Pakistani cleric belonging to TLP called on supporters to carry out an attack on Ahmadi women.

During his speech to supporters, TLP cleric Muhammad Naeem Chattha Qadri called his supporters to carry out attacks on pregnant Ahmadi women to ensure no Ahmadis are born. The IHRC called out the international community, human rights groups, and the government of Pakistan to take strict notice.

During the public gathering, he also warned police and agencies to not provide protection to the Ahmadi families. He said, DPO, DC, and SHO must understand now that we can’t be stopped.

Muhammad Naeem Chattha in a video circulating on social media from September 13 can be seen threatening and inciting violence against Ahmadis.


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  1. Pakistani government wants to appease Muslim fundamentalists & right-wing parties. We see that the Pakistani state continues with its policy of hatred towards religious minorities, which emboldens fundamentalists

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