Woman denied entry to restaurant in France for wearing hijab


 ANKARA JUN 01, 2022 –

A Muslim woman wearing a headscarf is pictured on a street in France, April 20, 2019. (Sabah Archive Photo)

A Muslim woman wearing a headscarf is pictured on a street in France, April 20, 2019. (Sabah Archive Photo)

Awoman wearing a hijab (headscarf) was not allowed inside a restaurant in France for a Mother’s Day dinner because of her attire. The restaurant’s female owner said, “she is wearing an outfit from the Dark Ages,” referring to the headscarf

According to media reports, the incident took place on Sunday when a resident of France’s Hendaye city, wanted to take his mother to a restaurant for a Mother’s Day dinner, which he had made a reservation a week in advance.

In the footage, when the mother and son arrive at the restaurant door, the woman who owns the business said she will not let the two customers into the restaurant because her mother is wearing a “headscarf from the Dark Ages.”

The restaurant owner, who is believed to be a Christian because she was wearing a religious symbol – a cross around her neck – claimed that “the headscarf is a tool to subdue women” to her Muslim client, whom she then refused to let in.

The customer, who stated that he was shocked by the words directed at him, went to the police station and filed a complaint on the grounds that they were discriminated against.

Images of incident widely condemned

The images, which went viral on social media, garnered reactions on the grounds that Islamophobic and racist behavior was displayed.

With the implementation of laws targeting Muslims in France, Islamophobic and discriminatory attacks against headscarved women, Muslims and Islamic establishments and places of worship have increased, which appear to have emboldened anti-Muslim racist attacks.

Recently, the decision of the municipality of Grenoble to allow veiled swimwear on public beaches and swimming pools in the country was suspended by a court upon the instructions of Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

source https://www.dailysabah.com/world/europe/woman-denied-entry-to-restaurant-in-france-for-wearing-hijab

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  1. Talk about IGNORANCE in the extreme! This restaurant owner thinks and believes that Hijab is from the ‘dark ages’.

    How about if I tell her and her like minded citizens of France that ‘dressing’ to expose as much of the body as one wants is also a sign of the times when humans lived in caves – half naked!

    So, which one speaks more about civilization – the hijab or the half naked human (especially women)…?!

    And this thing about religious symbols – a hijab is NOT a religious symbol, it’s a way of dress for DECENT WOMEN.

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