UK: Liverpool Hope University visits Bait-ul-Ataa Mosque Wolverhampton

On 28th April 2022 a group of students and a lecturer from the Liverpool Hope University visited Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Bait-ul-Ataa Mosque in Wolverhampton.

The students were welcomed by Local President Dr. Maqsood Saeed Sahab and few other members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

A programme was organized which began with the recitation of the Holy Quran and it’s english translation by Amar Khan Sahab followed by a presentation about Islam Ahmadiyya and the benefits of fasting.

The presentation was welcomed by the students as well as lecturer. Dr Yazid who was the leading lecturer offered a heartfelt thanks with this message: “Thank you to everyone for your generosity and hospitality. Always its wonderful for us to come and visit this mosque… we always learn something new”.

The programme ended with refreshments and a gift pack which included literature written and published by the community, like “The Promised Messiah has come”, “The key to peace global unity” (brochure), World crisis and pathway to peace (book), Frequently Asked Questions (leaflet), In the words of Caliph “Islam response to extremism”, and another titled “Islam’s response to extremism”, a leaflet on the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw).

The exhibition of different books and leaflet was also set up to increase student’s knowledge, which was welcomed.

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5 replies

  1. Excellent initiative by Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Wolverhampton. Community cohesion is vital part of modern age.

  2. It’s the need of the time , love for all and hatred for non is something need to be practiced by everyone!!
    Ahmadi muslims are true flag bearer of this slogan!!

  3. This very wonderful article well done the editor and more importantly well done The Ahmadiyya Muslim community you seem to have solutions for the wider society to unite and build bridges

  4. Excellent, really nice to see students of that level showing interest in religion and religious communities.
    Will help to build bridges between different groups of communities.
    Love for All, Hartred for None

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