Indonesia. The Debate between ‘Defenders of Islam’ and Ahmadiyya

Muhammad Akmal Firmansyah– Sunday, April 3, 2022

In the 1930s the name Defenders of Islam in the Dutch East Indies at that time was better known than the name Persatuan Islam.  (Sipatahoenan no. 194, August 25, 1933)

XIn the 1930s the name Defenders of Islam in the Dutch East Indies at that time was better known than the name Persatuan Islam. (Sipatahoenan no. 194, August 25, 1933)

In the 1930s the name Defenders of Islam in the Dutch East Indies was at that time better known than the name Persatuan Islam , although it could be said that Defenders of Islam was a press section published by Persatuan Islam .

In his book Syafiq Mughni, Hasan Bandung Radical Islamic Thinker (1994) states that the first Islamic Defenders magazine was published in October 1929.

The magazine is published by the committee for the Defenders of Islam which is chaired directly by Haji Zamzam while Ahmad Hassan is an advisor.

Among its main activities are collecting works that denounce Islam, whether intentionally or not, responding to the challenges and reproaches of those who criticize Islam through books, leaflets, and public meetings, and inviting people to establish committees for the defense of Islam in the area. each of them.

 In Tamar Djaja’s writings, A. Hassan’s CV, narrates that the first publication of Defenders of Islam was a response to Sukarno at a meeting that touched on Muslims regarding the rights of women and men and polygamy. This is what led to the birth of Defenders of Islam where Natsir and Sabirin were there and invited Ahmad Hassan and the magazine Defenders of Islam was published .

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Pembela Islam published the magazine 72 times with 72 numbers, then stopped in 1935 and was re-published in 1956 but did not last long in 1957 in May it stopped and only published nine times.  Defenders of Islam are widely known not only in Java, but also in Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Minangkabau and even Malaysia and Thailand.

Magazine exchanges have also been carried out with China, South Africa, Japan, Britain and America. In the last number, the magazine Pembela Islam was published in the Cikuray printery, Garut because of the commercial losses that occurred, even though Ahmad Hassan has his own printing press and has established cooperation with other book publications but cannot serve him, let alone focus his attention on the Defenders of Islam . This loss caused the discontinuation of the Defenders of Islam .

And in the press world, the defenders of Islam are very well known, as we will see in Sipatahoenan no. 194, August 25, 1933 which reported how the defenders of Islam confronted the Ahmadiyya with the news title, ” Defenders of Islam Contra Ahmadiyyah” 

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