Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King among restaurants whose food packaging found to contain cancer-causing ‘forever’ chemicals in new report


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By Brian Linder |

Chick-fil-A fan?

How about McDonald’s? Like Taco Bell or those flame-broiled burgers at Burger King? How about that new Arby’s jingle and their roast beef sandwiches?

You might want to rethink all of those stops, because while we knew eating fast food isn’t the most healthy decision, a report published by Consumer Reports Thursday sheds light on a concern that might be greater than the calorie splurge those kinds of meals can bring.

Because, according to the report, all of those establishments have toxic “forever chemicals,” known as PFAS, in the packaging that they put their food in. And PFAS are bad news, having been linked to an increase in a risk of some cancer types, immune issues, liver damage … the list goes on.

They are called “forever chemicals” because they do not naturally break down in the environment, hang around and end up in our food and water supply. According to reports, many of us have already been exposed to the chemicals, and likely have some level of them in our blood.

But PFAS are not things you want to willingly add more of in your body, and according to the recent report, the food packaging may be a pretty easy way to up your intake of the nasty substances. Because, the report said, fatty and salty food are more likely to absorb the chemicals.

“We know these substances migrate into food you eat,” Justin Boucher, an environmental engineer at the Food Packaging Forum, told Consumer Reports. “It’s clear, direct exposure.”

According to the latest report, “100 food packaging products from 24 restaurant and grocery chain across the country in fall 2021,” were tested.

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  1. We all know that fast-food isn’t the healthiest for us, but a new report has revealed that it might not be the best for preventing disease, either.

    According to a recent investigation from Consumer Reports, the packaging used for food at many major fast-food chains including McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A, Burger King, and Sweet Green contain a cancer-causing chemical called PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

    The same chemical is used to form the nonstick coating on pans, make fabrics and carpets stain-resistant, and create water-resistant clothing. Packaging made with PFAS often resembles paper or cardboard, but oils from greasy foods do not soak through.

    Health and environmental advocates are pushing for PFAS use to be restricted, especially in food packaging. In response, McDonald’s has vowed to end the use of the chemical by 2025.

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