Muslim judge takes permanent seat at Israel’s Supreme Court

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Israel Supreme Court. Additional reading: Beliefs, Identity and Deeds: What is a Healthy Balance?

Source: Daily Sabah

Khaled Kabub was named the first Muslim judge to have a permanent seat on the Supreme Court in Israel, court authorities said Monday.

More than 20% of Israeli citizens are Arab, and there has been an Arab jurist on the top court since 2003, but all previous appointees have been Christian.

Kabub, 63, has become the first Muslim permanently named to the tribunal in the nation where Arabs, Christians and Muslims, have complained of systematic discrimination.

Previously a judge at the Tel Aviv district court, Kabub was one of four new justices appointed by a committee comprised of Supreme Court judges, ministers, lawmakers and lawyers.

Born in Jaffa, he studied history and Islam at Tel Aviv University. He completed his law degree there, then worked in private practice before becoming a judge.

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Dr. Zia H Shah, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

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