NU Activists Condemn the Demolition of the Dome to the Creed at the Sintang Ahmadiyah Mosque

Ikbal Tawakal– February 2 2022

Muhammad Guntur Romli's post was related to the demolition incident of a number of Islamic symbols at the Jemaah Ahmadiyah Indonesia (JAI) mosque in Sintang, West Kalimantan.Muhammad Guntur Romli’s post was related to the demolition incident of a number of Islamic symbols at the Jemaah Ahmadiyah Indonesia (JAI) mosque in Sintang, West Kalimantan. /Twitter/@GunRomli

PEOPLE’S THOUGHTS – Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) activist Muhammad Guntur Romli was provoked by emotion after learning of the demolition of a mosque belonging to the Indonesian Ahmadiyah Congregation (JAI) in Sintang , West Kalimantan ( West Kalimantan ).

Guntur Romli uploaded a number of photos documenting the demolition of the JAI Sintang mosque . The dome of the mosque and the sentence of the creed were allegedly removed.

Knowing the action, Guntur Romli considered that it had gone too far.

According to him, people may disagree with the Ahmadiyya ideology. However, he did not agree with the destruction or demolition of houses of worship, such as the removal of Islamic religious symbols at the Sintang Ahmadiyah mosque .

” The Ahmadiyya Mosque in Sintang , West Kalimantan was demolished. The two sentences of the Creed were removed, the dome of the mosque was demolished. This has crossed the line. You may disagree with Ahmadiyah understanding, but don’t harass the house of worship ,” he said, as quoted by from the Twitter account- @GunRomli on Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

In his tweet, he also attached a number of photos, in which the dome of the mosque was being removed from the roof of the mosque and the creed attached to the wall was also removed.

” The Ahmadiyah Mosque in Sintang , West Kalimantan was demolished. Satpol PP deleted the two sentences of creed & dismantled the dome of the mosque ,” reads the caption on the photo shared by Guntur Romli .


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  1. Only in Indonesia. Muslim Organisations coming to defend the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. May Allah bless and reward you.

  2. May Allah give the people of Indonesia the wisdom to understand the true meaning of Islam. i.e peace and submission to almighty Allah. The Ulamas should try to live peacefully with their fellow Ahmadiyya community and the other religion organisations. Thanks

  3. There is no peace in Islamic teaching….. ss long as HATE, VIOLENT verses are still in Al Quran and Hadith

    God bless Ahmadiyah with the truth Amen ❤️

  4. Ahmadiyah and Christian are the victim of Uslamic teaching.

    There is no hope peace in Islamic Countries. You can see now every Islamic countries create conflict and discrimination and NO JUSTICE.

    Ahmadiyah Muslim love to live in UK, Europe, US, Canada etc THAN Pakistan.

    It is a real proove that Islamic countries csnnot provide peace and prosperity. Very sad and bad….

    God bless Ahmadiyah with the truth 🙏❤️

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