Ministry of Religion urges the Sintang Ahmadiyya House of Worship to be Functioned as a Mosque for All Muslims – 30/01/2022,

Masses visited the Ahmadiyah congregation in Balai Harapan Village, Temunak District, Sintang Regency, West Kalimantan (West Kalimantan), Friday (3/9/2021) afternoon.

The Head of Public Relations of the West Kalimantan Police, Kombes Pol. Donny Charles Go, said that the mosque building was damaged because it was thrown and the building behind the mosque was burned by the masses.

(special) Writer Achmad Nasrudin Yahya | Editor Diamanty Meiliana JAKARTA,

The Head of the Center for Religious Harmony (PKUB) of the Ministry of Religion, Wawan Djunaidi, appealed to the house of worship belonging to the Indonesian Ahmadiyah Congregation (JAI) in Sintang , West Kalimantan to continue to function as a mosque for all Muslims. However, if it is to be used for other functions, it must go through deliberation with the Ahmadiyah congregation as the owner of the land and buildings.

“The JAI house of worship that has been established in Sintang can continue to function as a mosque that can be used by all Muslims,” ​​said Wawan in a press release received, Jakarta, Sunday (30/1/2022). Wawan invited Muslims to accept members of the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Community to worship together at the mosque or prayer room.

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Members of the Jemaah Ahmadiyah Indonesia are also encouraged to worship together with other Muslims, in any mosque. “All religious people should be able to live together with followers of different religions or followers of other religions with tolerance, harmony, and mutual respect,” he added.

Wawan also asked all district and city regional heads to facilitate religious communities who propose the use of temporary places of worship if they do not meet the requirements to build houses of worship.   He explained that in the Joint Regulation of the Minister of Religion and the Minister of Home Affairs Number 9 and Number 8 of 2006 it was stated that the establishment of places of worship must meet administrative requirements, technical requirements, and special requirements.

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The special requirements include, among others, there are 90 prospective users of houses of worship. If these special requirements have not been met, parties wishing to build a house of worship can apply for a permit to use a temporary place of worship to the district/city government. “Local governments should ensure that the constitutional rights of citizens are fulfilled, especially to be able to worship collectively in houses of worship or temporary places of worship,” he said.


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    • Yes, it is a good news

      What is wrong with Muslim there?
      Islamic scolars had been accusing Ahmadiyah is not Islam.


      They follow Muhammad teaching. Like this

      When the end times will appear young people and bad attitude. They said word by using the word of GOD , when they had come out of Islam as an arrow from his bow slipping . Wherever you meet them , then kill them . Because real people are killed they will get a reward on the resurrection day ” HR Bukhari

      That is why Muslim in Indonesia killed people and destroyed mosque.

      God bless Ahmadiyah for the truth of Islam.🙏❤️

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