University of Michigan to Pay $490 Million to Sexual Abuse Victims

Source: WSJ

By Allison Prang

More than 1,000 people were victims of sexual abuse by former university doctor Robert Anderson who died in 2008

The University of Michigan is paying $490 million to settle allegations that a former university doctor, Robert Anderson, sexually abused more than 1,000 victims.

Of the total, $460 million will go to the approximately 1,050 survivors and $30 million will go toward a reserve set aside for additional survivors that come forward, according to the university and attorney Parker Stinar, who represents about 200 of the victims and is one of six attorneys who negotiated the settlement. The negotiations started in October 2020.

The $30 million is specifically reserved for claimants who participate in the settlement before July 31, 2023, the university said.

“We hope this settlement will begin the healing process for survivors,” University of Michigan Board of Regents Chair Jordan Acker said. The negotiations between the university and the victims’ attorneys started in October 2020.

A third-party allocator will determine how the money is divided among the survivors, Mr. Stinar said. Most of the survivors are men. Mr. Stinar said the survivors held Anderson and the school accountable.

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