Bali, Indonesia. Plans to Build Ahmadiyah Cemetery


Plans to Build Ahmadiyah Cemetery, Dit Intel Polda Descends to Buleleng

Gathering of the Bali Police Directorate of Intelligence and Security with H Mulyadi Putra as a figure in Buleleng, Saturday (27/11). (IST)

SINGARAJA – The Bali Police Intelligence and Security Directorate held a friendly meeting with an Islamic figure, H Mulyadi Putra who is also a member of the Buleleng Regency DPRD from the PKB faction. This gathering of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security for the Bali Police is in order to keep the security and social security situation conducive in the Buleleng area. Moreover, there is a plan to build a grave for the Ahmadiyya Community.

The gathering took place in the meeting room of the Buleleng DPRD office, Saturday (27/11) at around 11.30 WITA.

To the media, Sunday (28/11), Kanit IV of the Bali Police’s Intelligence and Security Sub-Directorate, Kompol I Made Dayendra, stated that the meeting was held in order to create a conducive security and security situation in the Buleleng area.

“Yes, of course, there is a plan to build a grave for the Ahmadiyya Congregation in Penyabangan Village, Grokgak District, Buleleng Regency,” said Police Commissioner I Made Dayendra.

The friendly and peaceful gathering activity, Kompol I Made Dayendra invited community leaders and the entire community in the Buleleng Regency to take an active role together. Of course, maintaining security so as to create a conducive situation in the midst of the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic.

In addition, it is hoped that community leaders will continue to provide understanding to the community about the importance of establishing sirahturahmi between each other even though there are differences in belief.


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