School apologises after Muslim students pictured praying outside in cold weather

Video showed at least eight students and a supervising member of staff in a hi-vis jacket

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Source: Independent, UK

A high school in Oldham, Manchester has issued an apology after Muslim students were pictured praying outside in cold weather.

The students from Oldham Academy North were shown conducting their Friday prayers on the pavement after a teacher reportedly kicked them out of a classroom during lunchtime.

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  1. I commend the student to honoring their faith more above their rights. They could’ve sacrifice their prayer to fight for their right to practice their religion. Instead of choosing to fight for their right, they carried out their rights in honoring their faith. On the other hand, the school has just put themselves on the map but sending out a message to their community that they will not be tolerant of Muslims practicing their prayer. Sad? Disappointing? But it’s simply appalling and down right disturbing. What happed to human right and freedom of expression???

  2. Disappointing to see that many schools still don’t allow space for students to practice their religion and pray in peace. The same schools preach freedom of expression?

    • All the children need is a room for 10-15minutes during their lunchtime to pray but schools refuse to facilitate this. Sad.

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