How Africa was carved up … 134 years ago …

T-aylan Özgür

November 18 at 7:16 PM  · 134 years ago today on the 15th November 1884,
began the gathering of the most powerful European nations in Berlin to divide the African continent among themselves.
Without any respect for the different ethnicities, languages, customs and families, the map was simply redrawn and the country was randomly distributed.
It followed the systematic destruction of an entire continent and the sustainable collective trauma of today approx. 1.1 Billion People .
We will never forget the crimes committed on the people of Africa in the name of colonialism

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  1. ….. and most of these countries are still suffering the consequences of this selfish action…

    And to add salt to continously raw wounds, of corrupt subsequent leadership supported by the ex-colonialists (neo-colonialism), when the citizens try to escape persecution and/or are looking for a better life where their ex-masters live on the blood and sweat of these countries till today, they are further traumatized by being denied entry into these former colonialist countries…

    How UNJUST are these people who lorded over their colonies, robbed them of their resources (and are still doing so, indirectly through so-called ‘aid’ with apron strings attached), and when these people try to find a better life elsewhere, they are further persecuted and even killed or imprisoned for their effort on trumped-up charges!

    SHAME ON THESE COLONIALISTS! They are truly deaf, dumb and blind and have no humanity in them.

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