Ahmadiyya Community Helps Flood Victims in Sintang

Author of CSW -November 2, 2021

Jakarta, CSW – The Ahmadiyya Jama’at Indonesia (JAI) reportedly intervened to help flood victims in Sintang, West Kalimantan. They provide initial assistance in the form of the distribution of 100 packages of sembako.

This humanitarian action was carried out through jai’s humanitarian wing, humanity first (HF) Indonesia. From the HF press release received by CSW related to this humanitarian action, it said aid was distributed to the victims in Menteng Village and Ulak Jaya Village, Sintang, on October 31.

“The initial assistance in the form of the distribution of 100 packages of sembako was distributed to the victims in need. Per package consists of: rice 5 kg, cooking oil 1 kg, sugar 1 kg, canned fish, instant noodles, and Tea Box,” the press release said.

HF does not take this humanitarian action on its own. In addition to involving the Board and Members of JAI Sintang, HF also coordinates with the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) and the Sintang Social Service.

For information, Sintang was hit by floods since early October. As many as 12 of the 14 sub-districts in Sintang were flooded with water levels reaching up to 2 meters.

Banijr resulted in people’s residences being submerged, as well as public facilities such as government buildings and schools. Road access was cut off.

The Sintang government even issued a State of Emergency Response for Natural Disasters floods, tornadoes and landslides twice. First from October 5, 2021 to October 18, 2021 (14 days), then extended to October 19, 2021 to November 16, 2021 (30 days).

The Executor of Sintang Regent’s Daily Yosepha Hasnah appealed to flood victims who want to evacuate, to register with the Social Service and BPBD Sintang or through the sub-district. This is so that refugees can be accommodated properly.

It is estimated that the people affected by the floods reached 20,874 heads of families. The local government has opened 4 refugee sites that provide soup kitchens.

“The government has limited capabilities in helping citizens and we are very grateful if there are citizens who volunteer to help others who are victims of floods,” Yosepha said as quoted by Antara on October 26.

Bpbd head Sintang Sugianto said the flooding was caused by high-intensity rain. As a result, the water discharge of the Melawi River and Kapuas River increased.

If the intensity of rain still remains high, continued Sugianto, it does not rule out the possibility that the water level will increase and the flood is getting worse. “So that the areas affected by flooding will be more widespread so that it can paralyze the activities of residents,” he told Kompas Online on October 26.

This humanitarian action by the Ahmadiyya people deserves our appreciation. Ahmadis are here to help and alleviate communities that are grieving from floods and local government limitations.

The condition of the Ahmadiyya Sintang itself has not recovered. They had previously been victims of violations of freedom of religion and belief in Sintang.

In early September, about 200 people visited the Miftahul Huda Mosque which is JAI’s house of worship. They claim themselves to be the Alliance of Muslims.

They damaged the mosque, set it on fire, and pelted it with bottles filled with gasoline that Sudan prepared. The mosque, dreamed up by Ahmadis since 2007, lasted only four months after its construction was completed in May.

This un civilized act may not happen if from the beginning the Sintang Government obeys the constitution. Instead of guaranteeing the right to freedom of religion and belief for all its citizens, Plt Regent Sintang seemed to be subject to the pressure of intolerant groups.

As a result, the Sintang Provincial Government issued a policy that sacrificed the religious rights of Ahmadis by forcibly closing the Miftahul Huda Mosque in mid-August. It was still considered lacking by intolerant groups, so they carried out attacks and destruction.

Ahmadis are examples that we should follow. Although often a victim of abuse and violence, humanity still takes precedence by Ahmadis.


source https://csw.id/jemaat-ahmadiyah-bantu-warga-korban-banjir-di-sintang/?fbclid=IwAR3riADlYL-9pgyJGpwmw7ilwvsPtSy6AkXYXu1ACkqkJEJ2Y-mL5DemOrw

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  1. Don’t worry, just because you destroyed our mosque does not mean we will not help you as much as we can when you are in trouble. We cannot help it. Our motto is Love for All and Hatred for None.

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