Daughter of first President of Indonesia will renounce Islam, will adopt Hinduism

By Laxman Chaurasiya Oct 23 2021

Jakarta: The daughter of Indonesia’s first President Sukarno has decided to return from Islam to Hinduism. She will return home to Hinduism on Tuesday (October 26, 2021) with the legislation. For this, a ceremony called Sudhi Vadani will be performed at the house of Nyoman Rai Shrimben, mother of Banga Karno, in Jalan Mayor Metra, Singraja Buleleng Bali.

In this regard, Arya Vedkarna, head of the Sukarno family in Bali, on Friday (October 22nd) termed Sukmavati’s decision to convert as the blessings of Banga Karno’s family Megavati Sokarnoputri, Guntur Sokarnoputra and Guruh Sokarnoputra. The three children of Sukmavati have also allowed it. At the age of 70, Sukmavati has decided to convert to Hinduism because she wanted to return to her religion. Vedkarna said, “Singaraja’s grandmother Nyoman Rai Siramben is also a Hindu. So she also wants her place not in Jakarta but in Bali.”

The Chairman of Sukarno Centre Bali said that the committee has sent a notice to the entire family of Banga Karno, President Jokowi and all ministers of the Indonesian cabinet for the same. He further said, “So far, all the preparations have been good. Arya Vedkarna said that Sukmavati’s conversion to Hinduism is her right to return to her ancestral religion.” According to him, Sukmavati’s grandmother, Ida Ayu Yonyoman Rai, is from Srimben, Singaraja, Buleleng Regency, Bali and everyone is a Hindu.

source https://english.newstracklive.com/news/indonesias-first-president-sukarno-daughter-will-renounce-islam-will-adopt-hinduism-mc24-nu764-ta322-1188768-1.html

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