Taliban warns of ban the PIA if PIA didn’t justify the Ticket price

October 14, 2021

Afghanistan’s Civil Aviation Administration in a statement said that Pakistan’s PIA and Afghanistan’s Kam Air will be banned to conduct flights from Kabul to Islamabad if they do not charge the same price as they did prior to their takeover.

The statement reads that the Airlines will be fined and punished if they violate the rules.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan warns the Airlines after PIA started charging up to $2,500 for each ticket from Kabul to Islamabad.

The statement has also asked people to cooperate with the administration in reporting violations of the new rules.

They have asked people to report the documented violations to them. The Taliban Announced regarding PAI price and his Ticket below:

source https://thekabultimes.gov.af/taliban-warns-of-ban-on-pia-kam-air-airways/

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