Aftermath of the demolition of the Ahmadiyya Mosque in Sintang, Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Resisting the Demolition of the Mosque of Ahmadiyah Sintang.

Attitude Statement of Religious Freedom Advocacy Network. Confidence Have not lost the trauma experienced by Ahmadiyah Sintang’s Jamaat memebers due to the attack and destruction of the mosque Miftahul Huda, in the Village of the Hall of Harapan District Tempunak District of Sintang Regency on September 3, now they must be confronted with the demolition plan of the mosque following the publishing of the warrant from Plt. Regent of Sintang, September 8, 2021.

In the letter, the Regent asked the Ahmadiyah Sintang congregation to dismantle the place of worship as late as 30 days since the letter was delivered, and if it is not implemented then the demolition will be done by Sintang Pemkab Sintang. The warrant was delivered during the investigation of 22 suspects of criminal offenders and / or destroyers still running in West Kalimantan Police, where of course the Building of Mosques and other Properties that were undermined are evidence of criminal charges.

Thus, the Warrant and Demolition Plan is an order that can eliminate evidence. This is an act against the law and part of obstruction of justice or interfere with law enforcement process. Since the letter was delivered until now, there is no response from the Central Government especially in this case the Ministry of Home Affairs is most responsible for the Local Government affairs to prevent the demolition plan. Instead of immediately seeking the restoration of victim rights, the Central Government has allowed the violation of religious freedom to occur. This has made the Government of Sintang Regency more expired.

Today, October 4, 2021, the Sintang Goverment held a meeting to discuss the permit issue of Ahmadiyya Mosque that was burned and damaged. Invitation received chairman of Ahmadiyah Sintang congregation on October 1, 2021 via whatsapp message from one of the employees of Kesbangpol. From the various evidence, it is strongly suspected that the option of forced demolition of the Ahmadiyya mosque in the Village of the Hall of Hope was masterminded by the Governor of West Kalimantan Sutarmidji.

In our findings, Since August 31, 2021, the Governor has been very active in the mosque closing process. He also met with the Islamic Alliance including meeting with the suspects of destruction. He also published a Circle Surat that asks MUI and religious tenths to manage JAI’s mosque.

It is strongly suspected that this role of Governor has certain political motives. Based on those facts, We Network Advocacy of Religious Freedom and Confidence expresses attitude:

1. Resist the demolition plan of Miftahul Huda Mosque in the Village of Harapan Hall, Tempunak District, Sintang Regency because it is an effort to eliminate criminal evidence by the perpetrators of destruction;

2. Confirms that the demolition Warrant is a form of obstruction of justice (obstruction to legal proceedings) and is part of the submission and weak state attitudes towards intolerant groups;

3. Condemn the role of West Kalimantan Governor who is very actively sided with intolerant groups by sacrificing Ahmadiyah residents in Sintang Regency for his political sake. The attitude does not reflect fair leadership and nurturing all citizens;

4. Urgent the Governor of West Kalimantan is responsible for spreading hate speech as well as violence and discrimination against Ahmadiyah residents in West Kalimantan, especially in Sintang Regency;

5. Strongly condemn all actions of the Sintang Government, especially invitations on October 4, 2021, which did not protect and give recovery to the residents of Ahmadiyah who were victims. The meeting is legal disability and violates human rights.

6. Request the Sintang Government to focus on the legal process against the destruction of Miftahul Huda Mosque that should be Pemda to assist in the sorting of case.

7. Urgent the President and Minister of Interior to order the Government of Sintang Regency not to implement the Demolition Warrant of the Ahmadiyah Mosque in Sintang.

8. Urge the President and Minister to call and evaluate the West Kalimantan Governor who does not take the necessary action to care for diversity and tolerance between citizens, and instead actively perform harmony in the indifference in West Kalimantan.

So this stance statement is delivered.Jakarta, October 5, 2021 Religious Freedom and Confidence Advocacy Network1. YLBHI2. Parity Institute3. Inclusive Foundation4. EQUAL Institute5. JAI Law Committee6. Impartial7. HINT8. SAFE IndonesiaThose who attend and convey attitudes in press conference at Komnas Women:1. Yendra Budiana, Spokesperson of Indonesian Ahmadiyah congregation (JAI)2. Fitria Sumarni, JAI Law Team3. Muhamad Isnur, Chairman of YLBHI Advocacy4. Halili Hasan, Director of EQUAL Research Instiute5. Annisa Yudha, Impartial Researcher6. M. Subhi Azhari, Executive Director of Inclusive Foundation7. Veryanto Sitohang, Female Commnas Commissioner8. Adelita Love, CounterS Law Division

source from the Facebook of Sejuk

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  1. The Indonesian Central Government does not only have to issue sympathetic statements but needs to act !

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