Mundra Port drug haul and the US link to Afghan heroin.

Strangely, what never gets traction is the complicity of Western powers in the enlargement of poppy plantations in the war-ravaged Afghanistan Sanjay Kapoor, OCT 04 2021

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Editor’s note. The site does not allow me to copy the text. Please go to ‘source’ to read the very informative article.

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  1. Already in Vietnam the CIA was actively involved in the opium trade. I have first hand information. One of my colleagues in Nigeria had worked for ‘Air America’, the CIA airline. In Cambodia and/or Laos, which at the time was not supposed to be involved in the war. The CIA brought in arms to encourage the local tribes to fight against the Viet Cong, and took out opium.

  2. Air America type of operation were going on in Afghanistan for long years. I have mentioned that in my copy- Sanjay Kapoor

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