I saw terror against Ahmadis in Indonesia: Response to persecution in Sintang, Indonesia

17th September 2021

Khalida Jamilah, USA

Reading the recent article in Al Hakam, titled, “Persecution of Ahmadis in Indonesia: Mosque and buildings desecrated by 100-man mob despite police presence”, my soul was torn apart because it reminded me of a dark day I saw with my own eyes when I lived in Indonesia. 

This memory was of the persecution and attacks that happened at Jalsa Salana in Parung, Bogor in 2006. 

On the third day of Jalsa, I could not attend the concluding session because I was not feeling well, so I stayed at my host’s house located nearby the Jalsa location. I remember hearing a group of men shouting “Allahu Akbar” while holding large wooden sticks. I looked through the window and saw that their faces were full of anger.

The angry mob walked past the house I was staying in. I did not understand what to do. I felt terrified. That moment is very hard to put into words because it was horrific. 

From that moment, I have always wanted to bury this painful memory. But whenever I read about Ahmadi mosques being attacked, that memory returns. I feel pain and sorrow. The memory of events that played out during Jalsa Salana Indonesia in 2006 are like a deep wound inside my soul. 

My family and I are the only Ahmadis from Indonesia living in Southern California. In fact, there are very few Indonesian Ahmadis in the USA. But it does not matter, because once we become Ahmadi, the pain of another Ahmadi – no matter the race, or where they live – is our pain.

I pray that may Allah the Almighty always protect Ahmadis in Indonesia and the world over, and may He guide the unjust people there. 


I saw terror against Ahmadis in Indonesia: Response to persecution in Sintang, Indonesia

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