VP optimistic of Indonesia becoming world’s Muslim fashion hub

 4 hours ago

VP optimistic of Indonesia becoming world's Muslim fashion hub

Exhibition of clothing produced by the domestic Muslim fashion industry. ANTARA/HO-Ministry of IndustryJakarta (ANTARA) – Vice President Ma’ruf Amin pinned his hopes on Indonesia becoming the global hub for Muslim fashion, for which strategic and consistent promotion was deemed necessary.

“We want Muslim fashion to be at the forefront. To become the center of Muslim fashion in the world, we need integrated promotion akin to the one conducted through the Indonesian Muslim Fashion Festival,” Amin noted in a statement received in Jakarta, Tuesday.

The vice president encouraged activities at the fashion festival for Muslim fashion to be held consistently and become a strategic stage to introduce Indonesia as the world’s Muslim fashion hub.

Moreover, activities at the Muslim fashion festival can encourage economic development and sharia finance, especially in the Indonesian halal product industry.

“It is hoped that through the implementation of the event, economic development and Islamic finance from the fashion sector will become more advanced and provide many benefits for the development of the industry that follows it,” he stated.

The vice president also reminded organizers of the Muslim fashion festival to penetrate the global market through the application of promotional strategies.

“We have a digital platform company. Several have conducted global marketing. The channel (network) already exists. How do we take advantage of the potential that now exists?” he asserted.

Meanwhile, designer Ali Charisma had earlier urged the government to help organize the Indonesian Muslim Fashion Festival as a platform to introduce Muslim fashion from Indonesia.

“We hope that this event is not enough for us to run alone. We are striving to convince government officials that our dream of making Indonesia the only center for world Muslim fashion will be achieved,” Charisma stated.

Chairman of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber and fashion designer Ali Charisma has encouraged Indonesian designers to blend traditional fabric with designs popular globally for their clothing.

“Indonesian fashion designers should consider designing clothes by combining traditional fabric and global taste to penetrate more markets. The clothes should have a streamlined form akin to the design of those foreign fashion brands we often see at malls,” Charisma emphasized.

Charisma noted that traditional clothing was mostly worn only by Indonesians since they were designed solely for special events rather than for daily use.

In a bid to popularize Indonesian fashion on the global stage, several designers have decided to use fabric with printed patterns for designing their clothing, he stated. 

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Reporter: Fransiska, Azis Kurmala
Editor: Rahmad Nasution

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