How far should Muslim women in the West be allowed to cover up?

Source: The Economist

By Erasmus

Western governments are telling Muslim women not to cover up

IN THE diverse democracies of the early 21st century, there are certain political and cultural issues that never go away. A political or judicial decision may settle things for a while, but so strong are the conflicting emotions that the flames can quickly flare up. One such issue is the attire of Muslim women, and how and if it should be limited by the state.

Take France, which regulates religious apparel, and religion generally, in a stricter way than any other democracy. The summer of 2016 was a torrid one for that country’s beaches, as many local authorities decreed bans on the burkini, a full-body swimsuit favoured by some Muslim women. After weeks of nasty seaside scenes, the country’s highest administrative court ruled that the bans were an unacceptable curb on liberty.

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2 replies

  1. I cannot understand the Western world’s intolerance to the Hijab, especially France.

    In what way, other than their of-repeated mantra that allowing religious freedom and by extension clothing apparel, goes against their supposed ‘democracy’ and freedoms?

    How does the hijab interfere with democracy and freedom? In fact, freedom goes both ways – the freedom to cover up and not to. Why is it only one way in the Western world, in particular France?

    Do they (French), also insist on this kind of ‘freedom’ from their other Muslim non-residents (e.g. tourist), who arrive with a hijab?

    What an INTOLERANT nation!

  2. “Why is it only one way in the Western world, in particular France?”

    Why is it only one way outside of the Western world? Can women freely wear a bikini in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, free from harassment or judgment?

    The point is, women, wherever they are in the world, should wear as much or as little as they choose and feel comfortable in.

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