Muslims’ contributions to scientific thinking

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Source: Daily Times

By Zafarullah Khan

JULY 11, 2021

Islam contributed enormously to humanity through advancements in all fields of learning. In addition to original intellectual breakthroughs, Islamic scholars preserved most of the important scientific and philosophical texts of ancient Greece in Arabic translations. Within the framework of Greek knowledge, Muslims intellectuals made several important contributions that continued into the Roman Era. The translation of most works by Muslims into Latin during the 12th and 13th centuries played a pivotal role in the awakening of the European Renaissance. The 12th century witnessed an intensified transfer of Muslim learning into the West through translations of Muslim works, which helped Europe seize the initiative from Islam, when the conditions deteriorated in the Islamic world. According to American historian and philosopher, Will Durant (1993):

‘For five centuries, from 700 to 1200, Islam led the world in power, order and extent of government, in refinement of manners, scholarship and philosophy’.

The contributions of Islam and Muslims on human civilization can be divided into the two areas of moral, (discussed in last article) and intellectual impact (being discussed now). Islam propagated a scientific method of thinking. Scientific thinking means the application of a disciplined manner of inquiry, which is based on objective and systematic methods; it is used to facilitate and generate new bodies of knowledge. It is an organized method of inquiry that is inspired by reflection and engagement in careful observation of the nature. Divine wisdom guides the Quranic inspiration for knowledge inquiry. The holy Quran initiated the Islamic mission by invitation for reconstruction of the paradigm as follows: Read by the name of your Lord who created. (Quran 96:1)

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