Majority of Indian Muslims support Islamic courts

Source: Times of India

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2 replies

  1. This study should be welcomed as majority of muslims and a good percentage of others , are eager to live with their respective faiths . But religion is not confined only in the matters of marriage , friendship and some elements of public life . Religion is a personal relationship between an individual and his God . When this bound gets strengthen , all other relationship enlightens . How can this bound with God be strengthen , is a big question . According to ahmadiyya ideology for this purpose , the best and tested way is the fulfilling duties towards God and human beings and His other creatures . The holy Quran and the prophet SAW have defined the duties of a person who claims to be a muslim . What I am getting from the findings of this survey , I feel that what issues ( marriage , friendship and some elements …. ) were raised , are defiantly put a question mark upon the general muslim ideology . Institution of marriage is well defined and even marrying with the person of follower of other books have been allowed in the holy book . When nobleness and piousness and behavioural attitude and fearness of God are given more weightage , one can be hopeful for a satisfied and happy married life . Friendship is a God gift . A muslim is supposed to respect the friendship . It is distorted religion which prohibts a muslim to make a kafir , his muslim . Breaking of relationship in the name of religion is nothing but a compulsion while the holy book clearly says ” la ikrah fi ddin ” means there is no compulsion in the matter of faith . By favouring” the acceptance of differences ” , Islam opens and strengthen the door of friendship . But one thing we must understand that fulfilment of worldly needs , are the toughest job and without the help from the Almighty God is not possible . So we should try our best to strengthen our relationship with Him . Reason behind our all sufferings and behind every injustice and atrocities and broken and shattered relationship , is because we are not trying to strengthenig relation with God

  2. In my opinion, every religion has taught human being on how to live life in civilized society. Accordingly the religious guidelines/regulations are framed. However, what I see around amongst muslims is that they want to follow only those parts of religion which suits them. As namaz is mandatory, so is the feeding of poor irrespective of his/her religion. As fasting is compulsory, so is acting justice irrespective of their religion. However what I see mostly is that people pray and fast, but when it comes to helping other, acting justly, being honest in dealing, being straight in speech, they are lagging behind considerably.

    Hence I feel that one has to think in the direction of how to be a better person, which is the essence of religion. Lots of behavioral improvement are required.

    One of the factor what I observed for lagging behind is that muslims themselves do not read/go through the teachings themselves and depends on others, who may not impart the same properly and/or honestly.

    Hence it is more important to understand the teachings first before supporting the religious based courts. This I am saying as I myself is a muslim and it is based on my observations.

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