Indonesia: Relationship with Menag Yaqut, Ahmadiyah Supports Religious Moderation Campaign, Jakarta – Minister of Religion (Menag) Yaqut Cholil Qoumas received a visit from the National Emir of the Ahmadiyah Church of Indonesia (JAI) Abdul Basith, General Secretary of jai Dudung Abdul Latif, and Public Relations Of JAI Kandali Achmad Lubis.

The visit was received by Minister yaqut on Thursday, June 17, 2021 accompanied by staff, especially Nuruzaman, at the ministerial office house widya chandra complex, South Jakarta.

On this occasion, General Secretary of JAI General Manager Dudung Abdul Latif said that the meeting was a regular meeting of friendship conducted by JAI to various figures, communities, and elements of the nation.

The goal, said Dudung, is to discuss challenges and solutions to various problems of public, national, and state life as part of Indonesia’s Ahmadiyah responsibility as indonesian citizens and citizens.

One of the issues of concern to JAI is promoting a peaceful, tolerant, moderate, and just religious life such as the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s motto ‘Love For Alll Hatred For None’,” said Dudung.

Therefore, he continued, Ahmadiyah strongly supports the priority program of the religious moderation government that prioritizes fairness and prioritizes the common benefits for the creation of a peaceful and advanced Indonesia in various joints of life.

Minister Yaqut welcomed Ahmadiyah’s attitude and support in the religious moderation campaign.

Because, he said, the government is very aware that the success of religious moderation is not only up to the government alone, but it takes the collaboration of all parties and groups to build together a religious Indonesia in one perspective Bhineka Tunggal Ika.

Religious moderation becomes the strategic plan of the Ministry of Religious Affairs 2020-2024, quoted from the website of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Chairman of the Religious Moderation Working Group of Oman Fathurahman stressed, religious moderation is really our own identity, the identity of the Indonesian nation.

Indonesia is a very religious country, Indonesian religious people are very polite, tolerant, and accustomed to associating with various ethnic, ethnic, and cultural diversity backgrounds.

Tolerance is homework with us, because if intolerance and extremism are allowed to grow, sooner or later both will damage our Indonesian joints,” Oman said.

That is why religious moderation is so important to be used as a way of view, attitude, and behavior, in religion and state

So, religious moderation is an adhesive between the spirit of religion and the commitment of nation and state,” he said.

“Religious moderation should be used as a means of realizing the benefits of religious life and a nation that is harmonious, harmonious, peaceful, tolerant, and constitutionally obedient, so that we can really achieve our common ideals towards a developed Indonesia, concluded Oman Fathurahman.


Silaturahmi dengan Menag Yaqut, Ahmadiyah Dukung Kampanye Moderasi Beragama – News

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