Religious wars?

Farid Mir from his Facebook post

If we Survey the last few centuries impartially, we will notice that the war over that period were not really Religious wars . They were more geopolitical in nature.

Even in today’s conflicts and hostilities amongst nations, we notice that they arise from political, territorial and economic interests.The direction in which things are moving today, the political and economic dynamic of the countries of world may lead to a world war. It is not only the poorer countries of the world, but also the richer nations that are being affected by this .Therefore it is duty of the superpowers to sit down and find a solution to save humanity from the blink of disaster.

The Holy Qur’an declares that :No party should ever look enviously at the resources and wealth of others__ { chapter 15, verse 89 ).It teaches that when two nations are are in dispute and this lead to war , then other governments should strongly counsel them towards dialogue and diplomacy so that they can come to an agreement and reconciliation on the basis of negotiated settlement. If however, one of the parties doesn’t accept the terms of agreement and wages war, then other countries should unite together and fight to stop the aggressor__ { chapter 49 }.

THERE SHOULD BE NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION… { chapter 2 , verse 257 }.This commandment not only counters the accusation that islam was spread by the sword, but also tells Muslims that acceptance of faith is a matter between Man and his God, and you should not interfere in this in any way .

Everyone is permitted to live according to his faith and to perform his religious rituals. However, if there are any practices performed in the name of religion that harm others and go against the law of the land , then the law enforcers of that state can come into action, because if there is any cruel ritual being practiced in any religion, it cannot be the teaching of any prophet of God . This is the fundamental principle for establishing peace at the local level as well as the international level.

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