Pakistan FM lauds moves by Iran, Saudi Arabia to reduce tensions

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May 11, 2021 –

TEHRAN – Pakistan’s foreign minister on Tuesday praised the de-escalation process between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

“The path for de-escalation is not short but Tehran and Riyadh have started this move,” Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said, according to IRNA.

Pakistan’s chief diplomat made the remarks in a press conference in Islamabad as he was elaborating on the recent visit by Prime Minister Imran Khan to the Saudi Kingdom. 

Prime Minister Khan made a three-day visit to Saudi Arabia starting on May 7 to reset ties. Khan’s visit to Riyadh was a significant move to rebuild relations between the historic allies following recent setbacks, analysts said.

Pointing to his meeting with the Saudi foreign minister in Riyadh while accompanying Khan in visit to Saudi Arabia, he said during the visit Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal Bin Farhan-al-Saud briefed him on the steps taken by his country in regard to Iran.

Foreign Minister Qureshi said “flexibility” on the part of Iran and Saudi Arabia is highly encouraging, and Pakistan feels that the wish for strengthening Islamic unity, especially in allaying concerns between Iran and Pakistan, is being realized.

He added, “We are hopeful about these attempts.”

Qureshi also called visit by the Turkish foreign minister to Riyadh and also the Saudi decision in inviting Qatar’s foreign minister to visit the Kingdom are all indications in in line with reducing tension between regional countries and they show common view by the sides that the only path to stability in the region is peace and security.

On April 29, Pakistan’s prime minister welcomed moves by the Saudi crown prince for trying to heal the rift with Tehran and said efforts by Riyadh to mend ties with Tehran will benefit the Islamic community.

Qureshi also said he plans to visit Baghdad in future days to follow peace negotiations because Baghdad has been the focus of certain diplomatic moves in the recent weeks to reduce tensions in the region.


source Pakistan FM lauds moves by Iran, Saudi Arabia to reduce tensions – Tehran Times

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