Amnesty Urges Garut Regent to Lift Sealing of Ahmadiyah Mosque Construction

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Amnesty International Indonesia Director Usman Hamid urged Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan to revoke the sealing of the construction of ahmadiyah mosques in Nyalindung Village, Ngamplang Village, Cilawu District, Garut Regency.

“We urge the Regent of Garut to immediately remove the seal on the mosque and allow Ahmadis to build houses of worship and worship in accordance with their beliefs,” Usman said in his statement, Friday, May 7, 2021.

Usman considered the cessation of construction of the mosque clearly violated the right of Ahmadis to follow religion and worship after their beliefs. So, he also asked the Regent of Garut to help protect Ahmadis from intimidation and violence.

The sealing incident, according to Usman, adds to a long list of discriminatory and intolerant treatment of the Ahmadiyya community in Indonesia. Usman said, The Joint Decree (SKB) of the Minister of Religious Affairs, Attorney General, and Minister of Home Affairs 2008 on Ahmadiyah is often used by local governments as justification for making discriminatory rules or policies like this.

“We also urge the central government to immediately revoke the SKB,” he said.

Usman said the government must take effective measures to ensure that all members of religious minorities are protected and can practice their beliefs freely from fear, intimidation, and attacks.

Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan previously ordered satpol PP Garut regency to stop and seal the construction of mosques owned by Ahmadis, on May 6, 2021.

more Amnesty Desak Bupati Garut Cabut Penyegelan Pembangunan Masjid Ahmadiyah (

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