Ahmadiyah Garut Tuai Polemik, Regent Rudy Gunawan: Do Not Equate with Other Islamic Organizations

PIKIRAN RAKYAT – The Regent of Garut, Rudy Gunawan gave a response related to the Circular Letter of the Regent of Garut on the Prohibition of Activities and Construction of the Mosque of the Ahmadiyah Church of Indonesia (JAI) which has triggered a variety of comments from the community.

Bupati Garut Rudy Gunawan.

Rudy Gunawan asserted, Ahmadiyah is not included in the organization (community organization) Islam or Islamic teachings. He said Ahmadiyah could not be equated with other Islamic organizations.

“I reiterate that Ahmadiyah is not islamic teaching. Ahmadiyah can not be equated with part of the Islamic society, they want so I can not because they can not be equated with NU, with Muhammadiyah, with Exactly and so forth,” said Rudy Gunawan at the Pendopo Building, Monday, May 10, 2021.

Rudy Gunawan argues that if the Circular Letter of the Regent of Garut is contrary to the existing rules, he is ready to be sued to the Constitutional Court or the Supreme Court.

“If the circular letter by the Regent of Garut is contrary to the 1945 Law please sue to the Court (Constitutional Court), if it is contrary to the Law for example please file a lawsuit to the Supreme Court,” he said.

He also confirmed his readiness corrected by the Governor and even the Minister of Home Affairs if the ban on the construction of Ahmadiyah mosques in Nyalindung Village, Ngamplangsari Village, Cilawu District is contrary to the ethics of government implementation.


Ahmadiyah Garut Tuai Polemik, Bupati Rudy Gunawan: Jangan Samakan dengan Ormas Islam Lain – Pikiran-Rakyat.com

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