From hijabs to Ramadan: how a Canadian couple is demystifying Islam on social media

Source: City News

A Toronto couple is using their online platform to educate Canadians about Islam and the dangers of Islamophobia.

Sana Saleh and her husband Will Saleh – a Canadian of European origin who converted to Islam – are a young Muslim couple from Toronto.

Together they create educational videos for their more than two million followers across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

“Initially when we first started making videos on TikTok, it was just me and him making jokes about each other,” said Sana. “We would talk about our mixed culture. And then people started asking questions, like ‘what is that thing called on your head?’ A simple thing like ‘what is a hijab?’ And even sometimes people would ask, ‘can you go swimming with that?’ Or ‘who can see your hair?’

Categories: Canada, Islamophobia

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