Iran’s Judiciary chief: Jesus Christ loathes injustices

Source: Tehran Times

TEHRAN – Iranian Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi said on Monday that justice-seekers in the world should know that Jesus Christ is unhappy with all these injustices, corruptions, state terrorism and the cruelty against human beings in the world.

“His Majesty Jesus Christ (PBUH) is abhorrent of all these oppression, corruption, terror, especially state terrorism of the American regime, and if he had been (alive) he would not have tolerated all these oppressions which are being committed against the people of the region, especially the oppressed Palestinian people and Yemeni children,” the top Shia cleric asserted.

The senior judge said the message of Jesus Christ is justice, peace and friendship and those who do injustice under his name have in fact nothing to do with him.

In a report released on December 1, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said almost a quarter of a million people have died in Yemen’s war, confirming the huge toll from a conflict that has ravaged Yemen’s economy and created the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Palestinians have also been subjected to injustice for more than seven decades, since the Zionist regime was established in 1948.


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  1. I assume that was directed at American right wing Christian fanatics. And whilst I support the sentiments uttered by the Judiciary Chief, he does contradict himself, on the one hand referring to Jesus as being alive, and on the other that he is dead. But yes, Jesus would not have approved of what humans are doing to each other, unfortunately, that’s how it has always been. And those Christian fanatics are certainly not striving to improve the situation. Sadly, it’s not all love and peace, which is supposed to be the foundation of their belief.

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