Months after his death, Egyptian Dr. Mashaly’s clinic for the poor reopens

Dr. Mashaly led a simple life dedicating his time and knowledge to serve those most in need. (Twitter)

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Hosni Qutb, an Egyptian doctor, decided to reopen the clinic in the northern city of Tanta

December 16, 2020

CAIRO: Only a few months after the death of Muhammad Mashaly, an Egyptian doctor who was famous for treating the poor for free or for a minimal fee, his clinic has reopened.

Hosni Qutb, an Egyptian doctor, decided to reopen the clinic in the northern city of Tanta, where Mashaly used to treat patients at a maximum price of 10 Egyptian pounds ($0.63). Qutb announced the reopening following an agreement with Mashaly’s family.

Hundreds of patients would queue in front of the clinic due to Mashaly’s widespread reputation for treating people for such a small fee.

He passed away on July 28 after a sudden decrease in blood pressure. He was born in 1944 and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University in 1967. Mashaly held positions in hospitals in Gharbia governorate.

He said he decided to devote himself to treating the poor because, having come from a similar background, he related to their suffering. “I grew up poor … I don’t want to wear expensive clothes or travel in a 10-meter-long car,” Mashaly once said.

Qutb said: “When the clinic was reopened … we immediately informed them (patients) that we’d keep Mashaly’s fee, and whoever can’t pay can get examined for free.” He has refurbished the clinic and added medical equipment.


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