Another Ahmadi-Muslim assassinated in Peshawar, Pakistan

8th November 2020

Another innocent Ahmadi, 82 year old Mahboob Ahmad Khan was fatally shot in Sheikh Mohammadi area of Peshawar today because of his faith.

Mahboob sahab was visiting his daughter when unknown assailants shot him at close range, that killed him at the spot.


for photo please click the above link.

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  1. Ahmadis are considered non-Muslims by many mainstream Muslims in Pakistan & never considered them as equal & often face discrimination. They are in minority in Pakistan & are subjected to state violence by Pakistan Police, Army & the third arm of Pakistani government- the ISI- against these innocent Ahmadis who were demanding equal rights as other Pakistani Citizens. In some cases, there Mosques where are also attacked. Pakistan’s Puppet Imran Khan government has trampled every human right against the Ahmadis. Why Muslim nation & other Countries as well as United Nation are silent on Human Rights violation done by Pakistan govt. on Ahmadis?

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