Religion on the page: Books on faith by Houston authors

Photo of Lindsay Peyton
Curling up with a book is a safe way to stay home during social distancing and still feel deeply connected.

Check out these faith-based titles by Houston authors. There are touching memoirs, fictional escapades and spiritual guides to better lives — all offering inspiration and messages of hope.

‘Love Big: The Power of Revolutionary Relationships to Heal the World’ by Rozella Haydée White

Rozella Haydée White is confident that a revolutionary kind of love can heal the brokenness, division and violence in today’s world. But cultivating that type of powerful love will take work. This public theologian, spiritual life coach, leadership consultant, inspirational speaker and writer maps the way forward in her new book, which is a a call to action for anyone seeking restoration, healing and wholeness — both in their community and within.

“Even as we profess to be a country where a majority of people say they believe in a higher power, we are experiencing profound disconnection, chaos and a lack of compassion — for ourselves and for each other,” White said. “I believe this is due to the fact that we don’t love ourselves and, therefore, struggle with loving others.”

‘A Place of Exodus: Home, Memory and Texas’ by David Biespiel

Writer David Biespiel resides in Oregon but explains that he is “something of an expatriate Texan right down to my boots.” He grew up in Meyerland and attended Beth Yeshurun. In his 12th book, Biespiel shares the story of his childhood — and tells of how he ended up leaving Houston and his religious upbringing behind. The book is both a meditation on faith and the meaning of home.

“Like all of my books so far, this book explores questions of meaning: where we find it and what it offers us,” Biespiel said. “In telling this story, I’ve tried to elevate the importance of the question for all of us: What do we mean when we speak of the beauty, mystery and community of home? I suppose that’s why I wrote this book.”

‘The Humanity of Muhammad: A Christian View’ by Craig Considine

Craig Considine, a lecturer of sociology at Rice University, provides an overview of Prophet Muhammad’s life and legacy, as well as a sociological analysis of his teachings and example in his new book, “The Humanity of Muhammad: A Christian View.” The author focuses on a side of Muhammad often forgotten in mainstream media. The book is divided into six chapters, based on themes of religious pluralism, civic nation building, anti-racism, seeking knowledge, women’s rights and the golden rule.

“Few scholars have examined Muhammad’s life and legacy as it pertains to sociological concepts as well as current events,” Considine explained. “This book sheds new and contemporary light on one of the most important human beings in world history. Personally, I am inspired by Muhammad’s encounters with Christians and humanity at large. His vision reminds me that Christians and Muslims are like branches from the same family.”

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