The imperatives

Palestinian Muslim worshippers gather at Al Aqsa Mosque on May 31, 2019 (AFP file photo)

Sep 06,2020 – JORDAN TIMES – Lara Ali Atoum

The latest fast advancements concerning the Palestinian issue starting with the announcement of the Ultimate Deal triggers some sort of political fear in this regard, however so far the Ultimate deal secured and took into account Israel’s interests only where as it would be more likely acceptable if the interests of both sides are addressed and taken into account and not only the security and interests of Israel.

Although it could have drawn on the experience of the predecessors that separate deals are counter productive, still Washington is moving towards what it believes a more realistic assessment of the situation but in reality it returns without realising to the same starting point of discussions.

It is essential that the negotiations include the involved stakeholders and lead to vigorous search for a just political settlement.

Still the deal did not prove to be a comprehensive umbrella for the desired solution and settlement. It should have aimed at a genuine settlement with interest of the Arab countries including those of the Palestinians and Israel being taken into due accounts not only the consideration of the security of Israel. It should demonstrate good intention to have benefits for all.

Jordan has been a strong advocate of the rights of the Palestinians in statehood and freedom.

The Palestinians have the right to choose their own way of development. They are the ones to decide their future and no international agreement should be imposed on them without their consensus as that will only trigger and fuel more conflicts.

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