The Christchurch Victims’ Family testimonies

Source: The Guardian

More than 90 people – the wounded, the mourning, the defiant – spoke at the sentencing hearing for the gunman responsible for New Zealand’s most deadly terrorist attack, explaining how the massacre changed their lives forever. Here we document their evidence

Six bullets were removed from my body but three remain. I will have permanent disabilities and pain … However, I am a strong, stubborn Turkish man who has been brought up to battle on

Temel Atacocugu

You bloody coward. You chose to kill Muslims, innocent people inside the mosque when they were praying, from behind

Mohammad Abdul Awal

That coward probably saw me or he must have run out of bullets. He dropped his gun and ran towards his car. I threw the gun at his side window and smashed his side window. I could see fear in his eyes for his own life

Abdul Aziz Wahabzadah

You put bullets into my husband and he fought death – 48 days, 18 surgeries – until his last breath

Hamimah Tuyan

My father Naeem and my brother Talha were the best gifts from God. I cherished every moment we spent together

Abdullah Naeem

A Somali man came out of the mosque holding his dead three-year-old son. I took his son out of his arms while he sat down, then gave his son back to him. I have never before held a dead person in my arms

Abusemed Saed

I am overwhelmed with the love, empathy, affection and kindness of the people of New Zealand. I had chosen to come to New Zealand to feel safe, but I feel much safer now. You failed. You failed. We win

Sheikh Hasan Rubel

This terrorist does not belong to society. He is not a human but an animal. I am proud of my religion and this city, and I’m proud to call myself an Afghan Kiwi. New Zealand is my home

Ahmed Wali Khan

In our faith, our innocent people are in heaven. As a coward, you will be in hell

Hisham Al Zarzour

After Omar’s death he became a father and I became a grandmother of a baby girl. I am worried that I will never see my granddaughter because her father is dead

Rahima Khatun

I always remember being so surprised that the shooter was so calm. He was just looking around and then he would point his gun and shoot at people

Mazharuddin Syed Ahmed

A three-year-old child, you looked him in the eye and you killed him. An innocent child. His skin is too soft for your bullets

Esam Alzhqhoul

I was running and suddenly the terrorist shot me in the back. I was thinking I was going to die

Sazada Akhter

You have shown New Zealand how important multiculturalism is, how important it is to be a diverse society. We are not broken because of your actions. We are now even more integrated

Jibran Safi

Remember our voices because you will hear it again. Not in front of the respectful judge but in front of Allah, the judge of all judges

Manal Dokhan

Peace be upon New Zealand, New Zealanders and everyone except you. You don’t deserve peace, mercy or forgiveness

Bader Dokhan

I couldn’t work for nearly seven months. My wife and I had a lot of changes in our lives. We are both struggling

Mohammad Tofazzal Alam

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My father was a revered Muslim imam who preached from the largest mosque of the Fiji islands for more than 25 years. He died in the arms of his wife of nearly 37 years

Ikram Patel


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