Riots in Sweden after far-right activists burn Koran


Source: MSN

Far-right activists have burned a Koran in the southern Swedish city of Malmo, sparking riots and unrest after more than 300 people gathered to protest.

Rioters set fires and threw objects at police and rescue services on Friday night, slightly injuring several police officers and leading to the detention of about 15 people.

The violence followed the burning of a Koran on Friday afternoon, near a predominantly migrant neighbourhood, carried out by far-right activists and filmed and posted online, according to the TT news agency.

Later, three people were arrested on suspicion of inciting hatred against an ethnic group after kicking the Muslim holy book.


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  1. Stupid People. Yes, all of them: those who burned the Quran and those who riot and burn cars etc.

    What they should have done is to invite those who want to burn the Quran. Invite them for coffee and cake and a READING of the Quran instead of a BURNING. it works ! Remember the person who shot at a mosque in USA? The Imam invited him for coffee and cake and now he is a great friend of all Muslims ! It works !

    • Exactly! This solves no problem and just creates more violence.

      The ones who objected to the burning are no better than then the perpetrators – TOTALLY BRAINLESS AND IGNORANT!

  2. Not sure why there isn’t a reply button next to Rafiqs comment but either way:

    Wasn´t trying to imply otherwise he was simply the first example I came across

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