Can you beat this career? Sir Mohammad Zafrullah Khan

Chaudhry Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan.
▪️ Former Member of Viceroy’s Executive Council.
▪️ Former Railway and Communications Minister of India.
▪️ Former Senior Judge of Federal Court of India.
▪️ Former President of All India Muslim League.
▪️ Participated in the Round Table Conferences.
▪️ In 1937 he represented Viceroy of India and British India at the coronation ceremony of King George VI.
▪️ Was appointed the Agent General of India in China.
▪️ Represented Pakistan in United Nations’ General Assembly as the head of the Pakistan delegation and advocated the stand of the Muslim world on the Palestinian issue.
▪️ 1st Foreign Minister of Pakistan.
▪ Author of Pakistan Resolution.
▪️ Represented Pakistan at the Security Council (UN) and admirably advocated the case of liberation of the occupied Kashmir, Libya, North Ireland, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, and Indonesia.
▪️ Presented to the US president the second edition of the English Translation of the Holy #Quran.
▪ President of the UN General Assembly.
▪️ Represented Pakistan at the CENTO Conference held in Manila.
▪️ Former Vice President of the International Court of Justice, The Hague.
▪️ Former President of International Court of Justice , The Hague.
▪️ At the request of an organisation of the US, wrote a book called: “Islam – its Meaning for Modern Man”.
▪️ Translated the Holy #Quran in English .
Former President of United Nation’s General Assembly.
▪️ Former Pakistan’s Permanent Representative at the UN.

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