Speculation grows over pardon for Edward Snowden after Trump remarks

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Edward Snowden

Source: The Guardian

Speculation is growing over whether Donald Trump might pardon Edward Snowden after the US president told an interviewer that the exiled former intelligence operative was “not being treated fairly”.

The comments came as the Kentucky congressman Thomas Massie, a Republican, made a surprising call on Friday for Snowden to receive a presidential pardon.

Massie, whom Trump has previously attacked, tweeted that Trump “should pardon” Snowden, 37.

Snowden disclosed highly classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013. He revealed the news covertly to the Guardian at the time, then did interviews with this outlet after he fled to Hong Kong, before retreating to Moscow to avoid extradition to the US.

He has remained in Russia ever since.

Snowden’s leaks triggered a scandal in the US over the extent and scope of US surveillance of Americans and of people overseas. He became a hero to many liberals and libertarians, but an enemy to many others who saw his disclosures as a betrayal. The revelations inspired movies, books and documentaries.

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  1. Just ordered another copy of the book by SNOWDON (which I lost during my 6 day travel from Lombok to Zurich …)

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