Against Coronavirus, Pakistan Turns to a Traditional Remedy: Blame Ahmadis and Jews

Source: Haaretz

Ahmadis, like Israel and Jews, are designated ‘enemies of Islam,’ and hence of Pakistan, accused of working in tandem to provoke crises across the Muslim world. Their latest plot? COVID-19

Every few minutes for the past week, a viral meme entitled “coronavirus timeline in Pakistan’ has been shared by social media users in Pakistan.Written in Urdu transliterated into Latin script, the meme helpfully conveys the evolution of Pakistani conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19 from January 2020 till May, as coronavirus has mutated from “Allah’s wrath on China” (January) to the globe-spanning claim that it’s a “hoax designed by Bill Gates to forcibly implant microchips” (May).

Tucked in for April is: “American and Israeli conspiracy.” No anthology of conspiracy theories in Pakistan could be complete without superlatively imaginative attributions to Israel. In fact, had the meme been ranked by the degree of fixation of the conspiracists, and not a take on the evolution of the theories, Israel would’ve won first place in a walkover.In meme terms, Israel would be best described by the baton roué, or bike fall, template in Pakistan: the country is riding along steadily, when the movement is arrested by an obstacle of its own making. The bike falls, and the rider blames Israel.


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  1. There are plenty of nations who never learnt any lesson from History and preferred their destruction from the wrath of God. Except for nation of Prophet Yuan’s a.s and to some extent Nation of Queen Saba who turned and believed in Hadrat Solemn a.s. majority of nations declined God s messengers sent towards them. Additional bad luck with Pakistan is declaring of Messenger of God as impostor which no other nation on this planet currently doing. God is very slow in punishing the people. But there is a limit. Either this nation has to stop its current practise or face the wrath of Allah..

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