Trump is a caricature of a Middle East despot – with the Bible in one hand and the military in the other. This is his message to the world

The implication is clear – the moral authority of the American democracy is crumbling. Many have taken note

Ahmed Aboudouh
18 ho

The unleashing of angry protest across the US over the last week shows how rotten society still is when it comes to people of colour.
In America, demonstrations against the treatment of minorities are a regular occurrence. Politicians and administrations on both sides of the political divide are reluctant to act for two reasons: They know how deeply-entrenched it is in society, and how riddled with racism state institutions can be. They may feel that in any serious attempt to tackle this decease rigorously, some institutions could break up.

The Iraq war in 2003 is one example that briefly unveiled what American institutional racism looks like. The real reason behind the brutal treatment of prisoners in Abu Ghraib – later described by then-secretary of defense, Donald Rumsfeld as “blatantly sadistic, cruel, and inhuman” – was that some soldiers believed Arab inmates were less than them because of their race and skin colour. The shocking photographs showed a systematic way used by some in the US military for subjugation.

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