Ayoun’s Rent Relief for Vulnerable Refugees in Malaysia

Ayoun Ahmed
I am raising money to help refugee families for Humanity First because Covid-19 lockdown has left them with no income

Humanity First
We serve mankind, on a voluntary basis, to promote & protect human life & dignity
Charity Registration No. 1149693


Since the COVID-19 lockdown in Malaysia, some refugee families led by single mothers with vulnerable children are struggling to pay rent whilst they cannot earn. I want to raise funds to help them with their rent and provide security at this time.

Now, almost 2 months into the lockdown, many NGOs including Humanity First have worked around the clock to provide food to those at-risk and vulnerable families. But much more is needed for their rent relief.

100% of the money raised will pay towards rent of refugee families, specifically single mother families, families with special need children, and families with especially difficult circumstances. Our aim is to help 30-40 families by giving them 500RM (£93 /$160) towards their rent.

Please kindly support this appeal by giving what you can.

Donating through Justgiving is secure. Your details are safe, and they will never sell them or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they will directly send your money to Humanity First. If you are a UK taxpayer, please tick Gift Aid which will enable the Government to contribute to our fund as well (please note: this is different to ‘voluntary contribution option’ which does not go to our fund).
Thank you for all your help and support.



EDITOR’S NOTE:       Highly recommended !    Please help if you can !   I know Ayoun personally and I know he does an excellent job !

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