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Muslims and 73 Sects in Islam, a pictorial look 

By Dr. H. Koya

This picture below gives a clear synopsis of the differences between all major sects in Islam and the most opposed sect called the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

The important feature to note is THE DIFFERENCES. There is none as far the fundamentals of the faith are concerned.


The difference is only when it comes to the coming of Jesus, referred to Isa in the Quran. The mainstream Muslims are confused as they dabble daily to settle among themselves the distinctive personality Isa (Jesus) and the expected Imam Mahdi will arrive at the same time.  They are themselves very confused and conflicted and unable to explain others.

Ahmadi Muslims believe that NO one will come from heavens. The Isa and expected Mahdi will be ONE and the SAME person. They submit the hadith which says: “LAL MAHDI ILA ISA” No Mahdi except Isa.

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  1. I suppose you mean that Ahmadis believe that NO ONE will come from heaven.

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