Month: April 2020

Time to fire Jared and Ivanka

Source: CNN Jared Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, traveled to the Trump golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, with their three children for the first night of Passover on April 8, according to The New York Times In so doing, they ignored federal guidelines. President Donald Trump’s much-vaunted coronavirus […]

Did coronavirus come from a lab?

Source: NewScientist No, this virus isn’t a bioweapon. New diseases have emerged throughout human history, and we have seen two major coronavirus outbreaks in the last two decades: SARS and MERS. So we shouldn’t be surprised by the arrival of the covid-19 virus. However, rumours on social media suggest that […]

Director of Wuhan lab denies virus link

Source: AT The director of a maximum-security laboratory in China’s coronavirus ground-zero city of Wuhan has rejected claims that it could be the source of the outbreak, calling it “impossible”. Beijing has come under increasing pressure over transparency in its handling of the pandemic, with the US probing whether the […]

Fiji High Court overrules Covid-19 Case:

Reposted by Dr. H. Koya Fiji magistrate’s ruling on curfew breakers set aside A high court judge in Fiji has set aside a magistrate’s ruling to acquit three people charged with breaching the Covid-19 nationwide curfew. On Thursday, Nadi Magistrate Siromi Turaga ruled that under the Public Health Act, the […]

Hindu family in Pakistan forced to Islam: ANI

Even a pandemic of the scale and extent of Wuhan coronavirus has not deterred radical Maulvis in Pakistan from intimidating and browbeating minorities into converting to Islam. Recently, Islamist fundamentalists forced a Hindu family in Karachi to embrace Islam as the menace of coronavirus sweeps Pakistan. A Hindu family in […]