Emeryville Councilor donates masks for healthcare:FijisunTV

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Councilman and Annie(Above Emeryville Councilman donates over $1000 worth of masks to Sutter Health-Eden Medical Center yesterday. SEIU/UHW official Annie Koya at hand to received the masks.)

As part of service to humanity, FIJI SUN TV team responded to an immediate press coverage at Emeryville City where Councilman John Bauter donated over $1000 with of masks for healthcare workers at Eden Medical Center-Sutter Health group.

The Councilman John said this was part of effort in response to Gov. Newsome’s call for masks for the emergency services workers in the healthcare industry.

Earlier in the day Gov. Newsom said on the National TV news that He was pleased to announce millions of masks already ordered and has in stock over 11,000 ventilators some of which he also donating to other States.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Gov, Newsom that California is bracing the Coronavirus Pandemic with measured success and relatively low death rate.

However, we fare from total safety yet  to return to normalcy.



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