As a Muslim, I consider it my duty to pray for Boris Johnson. I’m shocked by my peers who don’t think the same


Personally and politically, I worry for what would happen if the PM succumbed to this cruel disease

By Ali-Asghar Abedi, New York, @AbediAA

As a TV writer specializing in political satire, I’ll look for any opportunity to ridicule the powerful. In fact, I recently wrote a sketch about Boris Johnson that was set to be broadcast in the coming days. But when the news broke over the weekend that Boris had been admitted to hospital, we decided to pull this sketch.

I was immediately concerned about Boris’ hospitalisation as Downing Street communications tend to be a lagging indicator under such circumstances. I wasn’t convinced by Number 10’s suggestion that the PM’s hospitalization was entirely a precautionary measure; so I privately prayed for BoJo.

Then yesterday the news broke that Boris had been admitted to the ICU — a deeply worrying turn of events. With a heightened sense of concern about Boris, I encouraged my Muslim friends and family to pray for the prime minister. However, this request generated some significant pushback. People who opposed Boris’s politics and policies had decided that praying for his health wasn’t on their agenda, something which I frankly found shocking.

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